Invited speaker and travel bursaries

  1. Baile Herculane, Romania, 9-12 June 2008, invited speaker at the Workshop on Resort Architecture, from the Romanian Ministry of Culture
  2. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 12-16 November 2008, to attend the workshops of the CHRESP (8th European Commission Conference on Sustaining Europe’s Cultural Heritage ) conference, funding from the European Commission FP7 Workshops:
  3. Sibiu, Romania, 3-5 September 2010, invited speaker for the Conference "Stadtgestaltung – Bürger als Architekten ihrer Stadt" [My city - Citizens as Architects of their City]
    Funded by the Evangelische Akademie Siebenbürgen (EAS) and
    Evangelischer Freundeskreis Siebenbürgen
  4. Faro, Portugal, 3-5 November 2010, invited speaker (as COST action management committee member) for the Conference "3rd WSEAS International Conference on URBAN REHABILITATION AND SUSTAINABILITY (URES '10) "