Study trips to Interwar and turn-of-the-century (forerunners) architecture

Field trips to different cities in Romania, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finnland, Slovenia, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain.

Visit of buildings from inside to experience the spatiality of interior spaces resulting from the floor plan in Como and Cernobbio, Italy (Giuseppe Terragni), Paris, France (Le Corbusier), Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Berlage), Oradea, Romania, Porto, Portugal, Helsinki, Finland, Riga, Latvia, Warsaw, Poland, Barcelona, Spain.


-         Trips after the reintegration grant

-         Trips during the reintegration grant

-         Trips during the main Marie Curie Fellowship

-         Earlier trips


Trips after the reintegration grant Pelişor castle Antwerpen Resseau Art Nouveau exhibition Meisterhäuser Dessau Bauhaus Dessau


 József Vágo in Rome

 EUR 1942 Rome

 Accademia di Romania a Roma

 20th century architecture in historic context in Faro, Portugal

 1929 exhibition in Sevilla - interwar architecture in Andalusia

 Via XX Settembre Genova

 The begin of reinforced concrete: GenovaPorcchedu

 Art Nouveau in Stresa

 Early 20th century concrete industrial construction Suceava

 Richard Bordenache flood reconstruction in Arges

 Jozef Hoffman in Romania

20th century architecture in Dublin and

 In Hamburg, Germany

Early 20th century architecture in Madrid, Spain

 Interwar architecture in Bruxelles


 Interwar architecture in Barcelona, Spain (including gardens)


 Art Nouveau in Barcelona




 Park Guell


 Regione Lombardia (Milan and San Pellegrino Terme), Italy, Art Nouveau architecture

 Riga, Lettland, National Romantic architecture

 Riga, Lettland, Art Nouveau architecture

 Riga, Lettland, Perpendicular Art Nouveau

Warsaw, Poland, interwar architecture

Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania, Károly Koos architecture

Romania, Bucharest, Virginia Andreescu Haret architecture (the first woman architect)

Bruxelles, Belgium Art Nouveau circuit (including Palais Stoclet and Victor Horta architecture)

Trips during the reintegration grant

2010_0321_134007 Romania - Bucharest interventions on Marcel Iancu architecture

adriaticaRomania - Bucharest Rudolf Fränkel architecture

2010_0310_123038Romania - Bucharest Henrietta Delavrancea-Gibory architecture

 Bulgaria – Balchik Henrietta Delavrancea architecture

Italy - Como (coming soon)

Italy – Cernobbio (coming soon)

2008_1111_162931Slovenia – Ljubljana Joze Plecnik

Portugal - Porto Villa Serralves (coming soon) – Paris Auguste Perret, Henri Sauvage, Le Corbusier

Prague continued 47Czech Republic – Cubism

2009-07-23_00196Estonia - Tallinn interwar architecture

2009-04-20_00131Austria - Vienna Höfe and

Austria - Vienna housing  (coming soon)

Netherlands – the Amsterdam of Berlage

Netherlands – Utrecht Rietveld Schröder house

2009_1222_124613Romania - Târgu Mureş Secession

2009-07-29_00005Romania – Oradea Secession

Romania – Cluj Károly Kós architecture and University of Art and Design will come at a later visit

2009-07-23_00086Estonia - Tallinn turn of the century

2009_0725_161356Finnland – Helsinki Art Nouveau



Trips during the main Marie Curie fellowship

imm025Italy – Milano Giuseppe Terragni architecture

Emilio Lancia and Gio Ponti



1-3 Via DomenichinoItaly - Milanese Novecento

2006_12200011Italy - Rome Novecento

imm052Italy - Como Giuseppe Terragni architecture

Italy – Naples Mostra d’Oltremare - Athens interwar and

Avenida Alvares Cabral with a building of the Modern Movement (architect Cassiano Branco)Portugal - Lisbon interwar and

Bela Lajta, Nepszinhaz utcaHungary - Budapest Secession

"To the time, its art
and to the art, its liberty"
(motto over the entrance of the Secession...Austria - Vienna Secession

Earlier trips

MARCU_STIRBEI92_2Romania - Bucharest Duiliu Marcu architecture

CREANGA_VICTORIEI9193_1Romania - Bucharest Horia Creanga architecture

IANCU_HRISTOBOTEV_1Romania - Bucharest Marcel Iancu architecture

101431_095_01Germany – Avantgarde: Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Potsdam

Hochzeitsturm, MathildenhoeheGermany - Darmstadt Jugendstil at Mathildenhöhe