Researcher assessment

The researcher is relatively young (36 at the conclusion of the project, just above the threshold for junior researchers) but she has already good and recognised research experience in the project's field. The experience reported is relevant for the research and development of her career and proves her capable to carry research independently.
The researcher has an extensive and impressive publication record, including a number of books (including one at the world renowned publisher Springer, and more contracts with Springer are on the way), articles in national and international journals (she is now also on the editorial board of a journal), and numerous national and especially international conferences, being selected member of the scientific committee of some past and some upcoming conferences. She participated both actively and passively, at the later mostly in Bucharest, thus getting to know about the scientific life in the city where she reintegrated. She also participated at the internal meetings and seminars of the foundation, and had excellent relationship with the colleagues. Both the interaction within the foundation as the dissemination of the results of the project prove her excellent communication skills.
She developed new skills in the field of computer science, which were not envisaged at the begin of the project, and learned new methods of research in architecture, such as archive research, additionally to the engineering methods she already knew.
Both the academic, such as participation in the administrative board and editorial board of professional associations, the international scientific committees, the management committee of the COST action, demonstrate leadership qualities and independent thinking. She managed to make contacts with academic institutions in her home town where she reintegrated, such as the University of Bucharest, the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, being involved in further project on pay by hour or part-time basis. This made it possible to contribute with her knowledge also to teaching of master (Bologna) students of Urban Design, and we look forward for teaching assignments regarding the project management of European funds. The research experience of the applicant would allow her to make a step change in her expertise. In summary, the researcher has made the best with the resources which were available to her.