Conferences – passive participation

  1. Zum aktuellen Umgang mit den Bauten der Moderne: Schweden, 26th of January 2008, organised by DOCOMOMO Germany, Karlsruhe, Germany,
  2. Institutul Cultural Român, 12 March 2008, Bucharest, Romania
  3. Arhitectura, restaurare, arheologie, 17-19 april 2008, Bucharest, Romania,
  4. Exhibition and symposium "Haralamb H.(Bubi) Georgescu – A Romanian architect in the United States”, 15-16 May 2008, Bucharest, Romania,, met one of the speakers from the USA during the support grant stay at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal
  5. Building Modernity in the Balkans, 23-24 May 2008, New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania,
  6. Urban regeneration in the framework of Romanian cities transformation, present state and development trends, 29th of Mai 2008, Bucharest, Romania – edited a book following the conference for the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism
  7. Symposium about Marcel Iancu’s architecture, 15th of October 2008, in frame of a project of the Association, Bucharest, Romania,
  8. Conferinta Diaspora în Cercetarea Stiintifica Româneasca, Bucharest, 17-19 September 2008,
  9. CHRESP “8th European Commission Conference on Sustaining Europe’s Cultural Heritage” Workshop 13th November, 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia: “From Research to Sustainable Exploitation – How to Benefit Economically from Research Results in Cultural Heritage (bursary)
  10. CHRESP “8th European Commission Conference on Sustaining Europe’s Cultural Heritage” Workshop 14th November, 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia: “Multipurpose laser scanners for cultural heritage diagnostics” (bursary)
  11. Masa rotunda „Dimineata cetatii” – Augustin Ioan si Stefan Vianu, in frame of the competition “Present”, 22-28 noiembrie 2008 report written for a book
  12. Masa rotunda „Micropeisaj” – Adrian Majuru, in frame of the competition “Present”, 26th of November 2008, report written for a book
  13. Zum aktuellen Umgang mit den Bauten der Moderne: Grossbritannien, 30th of January 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany.ßbritannien.pdf
  14. Urbanology – Crash courses on a “science” in crisis, MNAC (Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana) and NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute), 10 March 2009, Bucharest, Romania
  15. Justin Baroncea, Short scientific and anecdotal speech on intelligent parasites in architecture, Zeppelin 12, Bucharest, Romania, 12 March 2009,
  16. Ziua Mondiala a Monumentelor, Stiinta si patrimoniul, Academia Româna, 14 April 2009, Bucharest, Romania
  17. Short Course Sean McCarthy “How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Framework 7” in frame of the EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 22nd of April 2009
  18. Spatiul Public Contemporan, Augustin Ioan with CCCB (Centrul de Cultura Contemporana din Barcelona), in frame of the Anualei de Arhitectura Bucuresti 2009, 22-23 May 2009, Bucharest, Romania
  19. Sesiune de Comunicari Stiintifice Peisaj Cultural si Dezvoltare, Urbanism Chair, Bucharest, Romania, 29 May 2009
  20. Round table: Perfectionarea sistemelor de atestare in arhitectura, urbanism si protejarea monumentelor în vederea cresterii responsabilitatii si contributiei profesionistilor din aceste domenii în protejarea patrimoniului, 15 July 2009, Bucharest, Romania,
  21. Nicolae Lascu: "Arhitectura moderna si Bucurestiul anilor 1930-1940" Muzeul National de Arta al Romaniei, 12 November 2009, Bucharest, Romania, In frame of the exhibition “Ipostaze ale modernismului. Pictura în Bulgaria, Grecia si România, 1910-1940”
  22. Ziua Mondiala A Monumentelor Istorice 2010: Patrimoniul Agricol, 14 April 2010, Bucharest, Romania,
  23. Re-Actiunea Arhitext: ARHITEXTURI Bucharest, Romania, 11-23 May 2010 book launch Ana Maria Zahariade “Simptome de tranzitie” and round table Masa rotunda pe tema «Orasul Bucuresti» (Marica Solomon) 19 May
  24. Formatia de arhitect - profesie recunoscuta si reglementata european 12th of May 2010, Bucharest, Romania,
  25. Kenneth Frampton Doctor Honoris Causa Award 27th of May 2010, Bucharest, Romania,, dialogue on tectonics in the following day
  26. Sabine von Fischer “Of Instruments and Interiors: Measured, Dampened, and Amplified Sounds in 20th Century Architecture”, 28th of June 2010, Montreal, Canada
  27. Enrico Chapel: Datascaping : Histoire d’un paradoxe ? Montreal, Canada, 1st of July 2010,
  28. Ana María León “Bardi & Mazzoni: Two Case Studies in Fascist Migration to South America” and Stephen Monteiro “‘An Easy Distance’: Architecture and Identity in British Landscape Photography” 5th of July 2010, Montreal, Canada,
  29. Mrinalini Rajagopalan: Mutiny/Memory/Monument. Remembering and Forgetting 1857 through Architecture in Colonial Delhi, 8th July 2010, Montreal, Canada
  30. Alana Green, Alejandro Lopez Hernandez et Jennifer Davis “Prix Power Corporation du Canada, présentation de mi-parcours: Green CCA”, 9th of July 2010, Montreal, Canada
  31. Bukarest-Wien roundtable, Bucharest, Romania, 15th of October 2010,
  32. Career Workshop and Annual General Assembly, organised by the Marie Curie Fellows Association, 20-21 November 2010, Paris, France Submitted a candidature for the Administrative Board in 2011
  33. Arhitext Evening “Corporal Models” and book launch, Bucharest, Romania, 23 November 2010, Bucharest, Romania,
  34. Jean Louis Cohen: "Architecture of the 20th Century: New Questions" 25 November 2010, Bucharest, Romania
  35. Simpozion Cresterea profitului la o intreprindere de constructii in perioada de criza prin formarea si perfectionarea personalului, Foundation ERGOROM '99, Bucharest, Romania, 11th of November 2010
  36. Dorin Stefan: Floating Observatories, winning project in Taiwan, ArCuB, Bucharest, Romania, 9th of December 2010,
  37. Zeppelin 26 Premiatii Bienalei de Arhitectura 10th of December 2010, Launch of the exhibition catalogue, including two books to which the fellow contributed