Progress towards the objectives

Objective 2. comparison of the common features and differences of the Modern multi-storey housing building for the middle class in various social conditions;
Set up, analogue to the decision tree in benefit-costs analysis, of a comparison tree, encompassing the features to be compared from the point of view of various disciplines involved.
Comparison tree, comparison criteria
The topic of the doctorate research is the comparison of Romanian interwar buildings with reinforced concrete structure with other similar buildings in European context. A “technical cassette” was developed for the buildings analysed, which included the architect, the year of construction, the size of the flats, flexibility in the organisation of the floor, the number of flats on a floor, number of floors, material of the structure, type of structure, type of openings, type of insertion in the urban tissue, position in the city, type of courtyard etc. These build a tree, which will be connected with each other as “words” following the principles of Christopher Alexander as described at objective 4, and will be described by means of ontology as described at objective 3. By means of ontology means that for each criterion the type of data (number, string etc) will be defined, as well as the relationship with other data. The relationship in normal sentence is given by the analogy with the “pattern language”, the relationship in computer supported language is given by the ontology.
A comparison tree consisting of comparison criteria able to be transposed in a computer science language of an ontology to be used at objective 3, another pattern language as foreseen for participation in disaster management in an ISI journal publication of the fellow from 2004 and thus providing the answer for that.
A basis to be further used in the doctoral research, thus leading to further qualification and better prospects in a research driven career. The fellow graduated from the doctoral school and submitted all referats preceding the submission of the thesis, the last waiting for evaluation at the time this report is being prepared.
Doctoral training (without class attendance type)