Benefit to the career of the researcher from the period of re-integration
The applicant has benefited of long time mobility, since she left the country in 1996 to continue her studies in Karlsruhe, Germany. After obtaining the architecture diploma in 1999 she attended post-graduate courses in regional planning over one year and then changed to research in earthquake engineering. During this research she was with a six months Marie Curie Host Fellowship in Pavia, Italy, and then moved to complete her Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship at the premises of the same host in 2005. In conclusion, she never worked, in research or otherwise, in the home country.
The reintegration grant would build an opportunity to return to the home country and start working there.
Contacts from the times of study at the university could be renewed, since in the research of Modern Architecture there are internationally recognised personalities, like Ana-Maria Zahariade, at the chair for History and Theory of Architecture at the “Ion Mincu” Architecture University, where the applicant studied the first five years. The applicant maintained this contact over the year abroad, but it would mean further collaboration, for example in the field of DOCOMOMO activity.
The teaching within the activities at the host institution will contribute to prepare the applicant for a university career, while other activities will prepare for a consultancy career thus opening multiple career opportunities in different sectors. This will contribute to the long term reintegration of the researcher.
The host institution has contacts to other universities from the country and contacts with these will be built. Such one is the contact mentioned with the Academy of Economic Sciences. The former interdisciplinary research of the applicant has considered the economic efficiency of retrofit projects and transfer of knowledge will be aimed at.
Last but not least it is to be mentioned that the contract of the applicant at the host may be extended also after the end of the reintegration grant.