Independent thinking and leadership qualities
The proposer has had numerous initiatives in the past as:

Leadership positions of the proposer were:

In the early research training phase the applicant pursued her activity at the Institute for Construction Machinery, later named Institute for Technology and Management in Construction, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany. Project Management skills were gained here both in training-through-research as well as through courses, like the course on project management for architects or the “Project Management and Organisation” certificate course, which encompassed basics of organisation, project management, leading of personal, innovation management. The gained knowledge was useful in the management of the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship project pursued afterwards. The knowledge existing so far will be useful for transfer at the institution host of the re-integration grant, where project management courses are being offered and the applicant would be involved in co-ordination of these courses.
Co-ordination of courses at the host would be a great opportunity to complete the curriculum of the applicant, who so far held no courses, even if she was involved in teaching through supervision of students. It would be useful to open the opportunity to transfer to a university on the career path.